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WIS Equipment

Excavators: 36T, 20T, 16T, 12T, 8T, 5.5T, 4.5T, 3.5T 1.6T (with various buckets, augers, rock breakers)

Trucks: 10 Yards, 7 Yards, 5 Yards, Float, Tilt Tray Truck, 9.3 metre, 16T capacity.

2 Horizontal Directional Drill Units

Vacuum Excavation Trucks


Disinfection Trailer

Pressure Testing & Commissioning Equipment

Service Utilities


Various Specialised Small Plant (pressure test pump, compactors, pipe laying lasers) 

Water Industry Solutions owns a large fleet of Excavators, Trucks, specialised Plumbers vehicles, Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) rigs, and Vacuum Excavation Trucks.


Along with specialised plant and equipment to undertake pressure testing, disinfection, leak detection, spark testing, metallic pipe locations, HDPE electrofusion and butt welding.


Our fleet and plant are maintained by our internal trade mechanic and external specialist suppliers.

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