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Small Towns, Regional Water Supply Improvement Program 

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Approximately 30km of various pipe sizes from 25mm to 150mm at Rossarden, Cornwall and Judbury to upgrade existing reticulation system which includes 127 property connections. Works also at Herrick, Mathinna, Bronte Park, Wayatinah

TasWater - 2018

Old Forcett Road, Irrigation Pipeline

Install of a new irrigation pipeline for the sports ground at Dodges Ferry.

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Photo 14_10_21, 10_55 am.jpg

Claremont Pipeline - Berriedale

TasWater, Capital Delivery Office

May to Dec 2021

Replaced approximately 370m of OD571 MSCL 

Claremont Trunk Main Berriedale

CDO fenton claremont 1.jpg

Fenton Pipeline - Claremont

Replaced approximately 813m of OD571 MSCL Fenton Pipeline in Claremont from Upper Hilton Road water pump station towards Austins Ferry Primary School

TasWater, Capital Delivery Office

June to Dec 2021

East Derwent Highway Upgrade

AWC - 2021-2022

600m of 508 MSCL pipeline, 600m of 200mm PVC Water Main, Under bore sewer pipeline across highway, aerial crossing of creek with 508 219 MSCL.

Photo 29_11_21, 9_15 am.jpg

Gretna Pipeline Construction

TasWater - May 2017 to September 2017 

Construction of up to 15km of new pipeline from Bushy Park to Gretna – pipeline constructed from the Fenton Main to the TasWater WTP and from the WTP to the existing Gretna Reservoir, including bridge crossings and the use of horizontal direction drilling technique.

fingal exc.jpg

Fingal to Avoca Treated Water Supply Pipeline

TasWater - August 2016 to January 2017 

29km of DN110 HDPE and uPVC Pipeline from the Treatment Plant at Fingal to existing Reservoir at Avoca to supply the community with potable water.  

Colebrook/Campania & Judbury

Zinfra - 2017 to 2018

34km construction of both HDPE and Opvc Gravity and Rising Mains ranging from DN90 to DN200 providing potable water from one township to another, including implementation and installation of traffic control, isolation valves, fire hydrants, service connections, and Scour & Air Valves.

WIS utilisied a combination of conventional open trenching methods and horizontal directional drilling technologies to meet desired time frames.

Photo 5_12_19, 7_40 am.jpg


Stornoway - 2019 to 2020

2.3km of 140 HDPE Pn25 high pressure rising main and 1.2km of 125 HDPE.  Supply pipeline from the new Water Treatment Plant to the existing retic network. 

This Project was a design and construct Contract and special consideration was given to surge analysis and pressure control.

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National Park, Treated Water Supply

Stornoway - 2019 to 2020

1km of 110 HDPE Pipeline from newly constructed Water Treatment Plant to the existing reticulation supply.  This project was Design & Construct and was undertaken by WIS in-house Design Engineer to TasWater Standards.

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