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Our Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

Water Industry Solutions’ mission is to build and develop a sustainable business through delivering excellence in expertise, efficiency and cost effective new and upgraded infrastructure within the water industry.

Vision Statement

Our aim is to be known for:

  • High quality professional works

  • Efficient cost outcomes

  • Innovation

  • Highly skilled and motivated employees with an uncompromised safety ethic

  • Growth strategies

  • Professional

  • Reliable     

  • Efficient

  • Technical expertise

  • Community orientated

  • Client focused

  • Innovative

  • Environmentally  conscious

  • Growth in job security for Tasmanian's

Water Industry Solutions takes its statutory and regulatory requirements seriously and has developed an extensive management system to support that approach.

Water Industry Solutions is committed to providing a quality service to our clients and the community and to developing long term relationships to ensure the best outcome for clients and the Company.  Towards this end, WIS have developed and implemented an Integrated Quality Management System (IQMS) for the purposes of establishing quality, health and safety and environmental management in our business and operations.

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