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Installation of Service Connections Contract 

June 2018 - Current     TasWater

To date, WIS’ has been awarded nearly 280 service connection jobs since being approved as a panel member under the Installation of Service Connections contract and commencing works July 2018.


The value of each job has ranged from $1k to $20k, with outliers of $70k - $100k, and a total value of $3.6 mil over the past 24 months.


The time frame for completion of each job has ranged from 1 to 7 days.

Photo 22_8_18, 10_51 am (1).jpg
Scan 4_07_2019 11_43_16.jpg
Photo 20_11_19, 1_49 pm (1).jpg
Photo 6_12_19, 1_39 pm.jpg
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