Service Connections

Renew the watermain with new DN150 DICL class PN35, installation of new DN150 inline isolation valves, new fire hydrants, service connections

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Renewal of approx. 1250m of existing DN100 CI water main, with new DN125 and DN180 PE pipework

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Objective of the Regional Towns Water Supply Improvement Program (RTWSIP) was to remove Boil Water Alerts (BWA) and Public Health Notices (PHN) for 12  townships around Tasmania. 


Construction of up to 15km of new pipeline from Bushy Park to Gretna – pipeline constructed from the Fenton Main to the TasWater WTP and from the WTP to the existing Gretna Reservoir, including bridge crossings and the use of horizontal direction drilling technique.

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Water main construction and Meter relocation

29km of DN110 HDPE and uPVC Pipeline from the Treatment Plant at Fingal to existing Reservoir at Avoca to supply the community with potable water.  

20km Various size Poly Pipe from 40mm – 160mm PN16 over 5000 connection fittings and 270 on property Pump Units.